What to Ask Carpet Cleaning Service Providers

Know What to Ask Before Hiring Your Cleaners  

If you’re looking for a professional carpet cleaning service, there are important things you should ask. By asking these 3 questions, you can be confident with your choice and understand what you’re paying for. On top of that, you can find red flags for local companies who don’t know what they’re doing. Local companies don’t like to say that these questions should be clarified, but you should! Below are 3 of the important questions you’d want to be answered for any kind of service.

Do you carry the needed credentials?

It’s best to hire a cleaning company that provides workers’ compensation benefits to their employees. Most states will require companies with more than two employees to provide that kind of benefit; however, other unreliable companies will avoid paying the benefit to keep costs low. It can leave you vulnerable to lawsuits if an employee gets injured on your property. Hiring an insured and licensed company with workers; compensation protects the homeowner from liability if a work-related injury happens.

What kind of technique do you use?

Look out for companies that use a lot of technical jargon that leaves you wondering what they said. That can be a way for making you pay a higher price for something you don’t need. You can ask them what kind of solution they use if any and if it’s safe for the environment and your health. If they don’t know, then you can be making a choice that you don’t understand. You can also ask about the drying time. If they use a certain kind of solution, it should dry fast and be able to use again within an hour or so. For steam cleaning, you might need to stay off the carpet overnight, which can be a problem for your family’s daily lifestyle.

What guarantees do you provide?

Of these most important questions, the guarantee is the most difficult because there are different variations a carpet cleaning service provider can use. One key thing to look out for is that if something is ignored and doesn’t look right within a timeframe, they’ll come back and take a look. Normally, it’ll exclude fresh spills for obvious and crucial reasons! If they’re using a certain kind of protection or stain guard, also find out what the set timeframe or guarantee will be. Then, you know what to expect!

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